To improve the quality of life of the people of Biri by providing employment, livelihood, basic social services, adequate infrastructure support facilities, sustainable agro-industrial growth, ecologically-balanced environment through a firm, transparent and innovative leadership promoting development plans and programs.


By the year 2023, we envision Biri as an emerging tourist destination in the entire Region 8 with sustainable economy anchored on fishing, agriculture, information technology, infrastructure and tourism industry with God-fearing, healthy, well-informed and empowered citizenry who live in an ecologically-balanced and peaceful environment and a competitive and environment-friendly economy under a firm, transparent continue reading : LGU VISION STATEMENT

Biri Municipality Profile

The Island of Biri is located in the northernmost tip of the province of Northern Samar, facing the blue sea of the Pacific Ocean to the east and the famous San Bernardino Strait to either Lavezares or San Jose, both coastal towns of Northern Samar.           History-wise, Biri was once a barrio of the Municipality continue reading : Biri Municipality Profile