The Island of Biri is located in the northernmost tip of the province of Northern Samar, facing the blue sea of the Pacific Ocean to the east and the famous San Bernardino Strait to either Lavezares or San Jose, both coastal towns of Northern Samar.

          History-wise, Biri was once a barrio of the Municipality of Bobon established in 1649, and had this Barangay, until its conversion into a new municipality under Republic Act No. 5500 sponsored by then Congressman Eusebio Moore and passéd by the  Sixth Congress on June 21, 1969. Thus, Biri became the 21st Municipality of the province when her first municipal officials were elected in the November 1969 special election. This island used to be Tingiao, as referred to in the navigational maps of the Spanish Galleons, was the entry point to Luzon and Visayas. As a navigational landmark, the name Biri was derived from the Spanish word “Barrer” meaning to sweep. Everytime the Spanish Captain of the Galleon would sight the San Bernardino isle of Tingiao (Biri), the captain would order his men to barrer which means to sweep or clean the galleon deck and the tripulante would do so in preparation to berthing Capul island for its trip to Manila. Other versions would say that its name in the course of time, became simply Biri depending on the person’s auditory efficacy. But Biri became to be known to sailors who passed by Biri island and contribute to the navigational ventures and efforts to Spaniards during those galleon years.